Owing IRS money Chamorrita momma 2 kids; California 5667 posts
Mar 8th

Ok, so in October we received a CP2000 form, proposing what we owe for 2015.  Long story short, we said we should pay for it.  Went to online like my husband said whoever he called suggested, and made some kind of little payment.  Like dumb idiots, my husband and I completely forgot about it afterwards!!  Well we've already file our taxes for this year and received our fulll refund.  I tried to go online to see what our balance is, since i'm sure interest has occurred, but it's saying for 2015 that the information is not available.  I have tried calling the number to try and talk to someone but of course, high volume time of year, and can't reach anyone.  ANy advice? I'm wondering if I should just write a check and fill out the form we got and send it in... even thought the due date is technically past.  Ugh. kinda a long story of why "we" owe.. i'm so angry about it.. but anyway... any kind of advice? :( :(  Please don't scold me for not remember in the first place please... shit happens! I just want to pay it now and hopefully be done :(