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Feb 13th '18

It's been WAAAYYYY too long, so sorry for this long long story and post.

So I started TTCing in July after my hubby begged me to have another. It was hilarious because it was him this time that went all baby crazy. Since it takes us a pretty long time to conceive, I decided to give it a go. After a few months I was feeling wishy washy about it and I talked with my husband. I told him since I was not sure about it, maybe we shouldnt really try just yet, I wanted to spend more time with my sweet baby boy that we finally were blessed with. Then we kept going back in forth with it! One month, I would be baby crazy and he would want to hold back and the next month he would be baby crazy and I wanted to hold back. We finally decided that we were not going to be trying but not preventing ether and we have been just enjoying our family and soaking in our time with our littlest. 

Well it took a lot less time, only about 6 months to be exact... It was my birthday in January, well, my AF was due just shortly before my birthday. So I took a pregnancy test just before my birthday just to make sure I was not pregnant. It was a starch negative. (It was a walmart cheapie) but something still felt off. So even though it was my birthday, I didnt really "celebrate" it, I was just having a normal good time, played some bowling with the family. lol

Well 2 days after my birthday, I seriously was feeling under the weather. I thought I was just getting the flu that has been going around and everyone had been having. I was telling my good friend and she laughed at me and told me I was pregnant. I said there was no way. She then said she had a extra pregnancy test and told me she was coming by with it. I thought she was kidding! But sure enough, she came over with a test and told me to take it. I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. I watched as the digital screen was loading, all the while I was hollaring at my friend that she wasted a perfectly good pregnancy test. But to my complete shock and surprise... there it was. Reading out PREGNANT! I just COULDNT believe it. I began to cry happy tears and was shaking and just beyond over the moon. My husband could NOT be any happier. I think he was holding back feelings about having another from me, because his reaction to "I'm pregnant" was beyond anything. I couldnt be happier for my family! So my 3rd and last little bundle of joy is now on it's way. Oh and I am due on my husband's birthday... and our first doctor's appointment is on our anniversary. 


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Feb 13th '18


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Feb 13th '18

So beyond excited for you mama!! Yay!!

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Feb 13th '18

Some things are just meant to be, and the coincidences are wonderful. Congrats momma <3

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Feb 13th '18

Thank you everyone, so much! Missed ya gals! It's good to see familiar screen names. lol

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Feb 13th '18

So cute! Congrats!

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Feb 15th '18


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Feb 16th '18

Congrats girl! 

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Mar 24th

Little bit late, but congratulations!