Financing a car Dee♡ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; .., IN, United States 6025 posts
5 days ago

DH and I are looking into buying a new(er) car, finally! It’ll be our first time buying from a dealer. But we want to finance through our own financial institution. (If it makes a difference, we’re buying from a locally owned dealer, not a big name one). Our bank has really great rates, and does everything they can to really work with you. Plus they let you make weekly payments instead of monthly by splitting the monthly total into 4. Therefore, you end up 3 months ahead by the end of the year. So your interest stays low and you pay off the loan early.

Anyways, we plan on financing through them and including sales tax/plates into the loan. But will that save us from the dealer doc fees? Also, are there any cons to doing it this way? Any other advice if you’ve bought a new car before? 

Post and run. TIA!!

The Original Bob 4 kids; 4 angel babies; <3, CA, United States 37248 posts
4 days ago

Sometimes if you haggle the sales person you can take off tax and title so they have to pay it. Me and my SO have 2 cars and we didn't have to pay tax or title. He's a really good negotiator though. 

Lyla & Maxwell's Mommy Due April 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Wisconsin 1551 posts
4 days ago

I agree with haggling!  Also, we bought our van during a huge sales initiative with 1.99 percent financing so that was a huge win compared to using our bank.