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Nov 11th '17

So I need some advice ds1 is in the third grade and he is really struggling this year. Every year he has had problems until he hits his groove with the new teacher but this year seems worse. He has a hard time staying still in class according to his teacher he is constantly standing up at his desk or fidgeting inside of it. When they work in small groups he has trouble retaining what he has learned. At home doing homework we have the same problem we go over it he seems to get it and a few questions later he needs help again. He has always had a hard time with reading comprehension as well. He can't read a passage and answer questions about it with any real success at school but when we just go over the questions at home he gets them. He recently started doing homework at daycare through their homework club and the instructor is reporting the same problems we have been having. Has anyone been through this? I just feel like I'm failing him and maybe had my head in the sand for too long and now it really going to be hard for him to bounce back. Tia 

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Nov 11th '17

Tell the teacher to let the kid stand up!
My oldest has struggled with some of the same issues, he was diagnosed as dyslexic and adhd. 
We have worked really hard to figure out how to help him without meds. He is allowed to stand and figet at his desk, and that helps tremendously! 

Williams and Owen's Mommy 2 kids; Augusta, Georgia 220 posts
Nov 11th '17

One of the teachers in his class room suggested we get him a stand up desk but she didn't know if they had in the district....we are taking him to the Dr soon to discuss and find out what maybe going on with this point I really don't think he needs medication but some strategies that we can use to help him focus is what I'm looking for. Thanks for the imput 

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Nov 11th '17

I would ask his doctor to have him tested!! My DD1 is dyslexic, and struggled so bad, I hope you get some answers!