Age gap Austs_Momma 1 child; 1 angel baby; CD, NY, United States 3802 posts
Nov 10th '17

How far apart are you children? 
Were your younger children planned? 

I can't sleep, and just curious... plus BG has been dead lately, so I figured I'd post.  

My sons 13 months, some days I want more sooner rather than later and some days I'm good for now. 

fluffyruffruff 5 kids; United States 4690 posts
Nov 11th '17

Ds1 and ds2 are 16 months apart
Ds2 and dd1 are 13 months apart
(my first was exactly 2 and a half year old when my third was born)
Dd1 and dd2 are 28 months apart
Dd2 and ds3 will be 20 months apart.

My kids are 6, 5, 4, 19 months, and im 37 weeks pregnant.

Only my first was planned... My second and third were not planned but not really protected against. My fourth was a surprise baby... And this one is my pill baby, obviously a surprise. 

The Original Bob 4 kids; 4 angel babies; <3, CA, United States 38114 posts
Nov 11th '17

My DS and DD1 are about 2 years 4 months apart. My DD1 and DD2 are 2 years apart. DD2 and DD3 are less than 12 months apart by five days. 

DS was planned. DD1 was not. DD2 was planned. DD3 was not. I got my tubes tied after DD3. My kids are 7, 5, 3 and 2.

bia. ., ., Portugal 102480 posts
Nov 11th '17

DD1 and DD2 are 4yrs 10mo apart, DD2 and DD3 are 2yrs 8mo apart.

Team❤Pink 3 kids; 4 angel babies; Maryland 4720 posts
Nov 11th '17

Dd1 & dd2 are 2 1/2 yrs apart. Dd2 & dd3 are 4 1/2 yrs apart. We wanted a small gap between dd2 & 3 but had two mc tryng ttc.

All were planned.

tinana+3 3 kids; Orlando, FL, Virgin Islands 47920 posts
Nov 11th '17

Our older two are 22 months apart, both planned. Our youngest is 7.5 years younger than our middle. He was planned too but was difficult to conceive. We began TTC when DS2 was 3. 

DS1 is turning 10 in March.
DS2 is turning 8 in January.
DS3 is 8 weeks old. 

ILS♡ERS♡ZDS♡ 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Small town, PA, United States 2417 posts
Nov 11th '17

Ds# 1 will be 5 March 29th 
Dd will be 3 April 8th 
Ds#2 will be 1 March 23rd 
I miscarried when Dd was 10 months old.   Dd and Ds #2 were both planned.

Bunni♥+3.5 Due February 24; 3 kids; 5 angel babies; ., IL, United States 4124 posts
Nov 11th '17

My first and second are 2 1/2 years apart. I love that gap! My second and third are 3 1/2 years apart. I wanted another 2 1/2 gap but had 4 losses. 
My kids are 6, 4 and 9 months. My first was the only surprise baby. 

Lyla & Maxwell's Mommy 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Wisconsin 1576 posts
Nov 11th '17

DD and DS are 22 months apart and were both planned. This baby will be 4 years younger than DS. We wanted a closer age gap but unfortunately had a loss. 

I've never had an unplanned pregnancy. 

MrsKW 3 kids; United States 4579 posts
Nov 11th '17

First 2 are 12.5 months apart. Number 2 and 3 are 19.5 months apart. 
All planned 

Williams and Owen's Mommy 2 kids; Augusta, Georgia 220 posts
Nov 11th '17

Ds1 and DS2 are 3 years and 9 months apart
DS2 was unplanned since me and my Ex we're sperated at the time
My new hubby and I are planning to ttc this summer so the age Gap will be over 5 years between DS2 and a new baby

Awkward 5 kids; 2 angel babies; St Cloud, MN, United States 4642 posts
Nov 11th '17

My oldest 3 are 23 months and some days apart. My 4th is four years younger than my 3rd and my 4th and 5th are 17 months apart. 
As far as parenting goes the 4 year age gap was the easiest for me. However, the older three are extremely close and friends as well as siblings. I hope the younger two form that close bond as well.

eta... My second child was my only planned child. 

...B... Due May 30; 4 kids; 3 angel babies; .., .., Christmas Island 1303 posts
Nov 11th '17

1 and 2 are just under 2 years apart, 19 days shy of 2 years exactly. 
2 and 3 are 21 months apart, 
3 and 4 are 18 months apart. 

First was planned, second and third were ntnp, and fourth was a surprise. 

Married.....with children Due August 1 (girl); TTC since Jan 2017; Al Bundy, Nj, United States 2735 posts
Nov 11th '17

Dd and ds1 are 6 1/2 years apart. Ds1 and ds2 are 32 months apart, that making dd and ds2 9 years apart. Wish I had them closer in. My kids are 9 1/2 , 3 and 4 months old. We will be planning our 4th and final after the holidays. 

♥Jessie♥ 5 kids; 2 angel babies; Idaho 14668 posts
Nov 11th '17

All of my kiddos were planned. There is a 3.5 year gap between 1 and 2. Different fathers tho. Otherwise I think it would have been closer. 15 months between 2 and 3. I feel like that was insane. Stupid baby fever had me not thinking clearly. Lol. 23 months between 3 and 4. We are TTC now. If I conceive this month it will be another 22/23 month gap. I like that best I think.