Contractions at 31 weeks Jess1227 3 kids; United States 110 posts
Oct 10th '17

So Friday night I spent 5 hours in labor & delivery trying to get my contractions under control. They were every 4 minutes on the dot and after a few hours they went to every 2 minutes. She checked me and I'm barely a finger tip dilated and cervix is still really long. So really the contractions aren't changing my cervix at all. The contractions are tolerable but painful. Eventually my contractions spaced apart to every 10 minutes. I was given a sedative which knocked the contractions out all together. Since my fibronectin test came back negative I was sent home. & then yesterday (Sunday) afternoon they started up again every 5 minutes! I'm so uncomfortable but just ignoring them bc that test was negative. Today I can't even walk around without contractions. I'm not even timing them anymore unless they get more painful. Has anyone else dealt with this? I do have a partial placenta previa so she said that could effect it. I've just never went through this before with my other pregnancies.

Loca Mamma 4 kids; 4 angel babies; Tucson, AZ, United States 1563 posts
Oct 10th '17

I am sorry you feel this way, I know its horrible to go through and can be very hard. I had contractions like this when I was around 25 weeks and they had to stop my comtractions too. I still have contractions and sometimes hurt like hell. But I was always told that if they got closer again to go back in. I been in and out of the hospital due to these issues. Its always better to go in then not, unless they say its normal because of a certain reason. I hope it gets better. 

fluffyruffruff 5 kids; United States 4677 posts
Oct 10th '17

Ive had an irritable uterus with each of my pregnancies, so ive dealt with regular painful contractions with all of them. They started at 11 weeks with this one and my last one. Taking a hot bath, drinking extra fluid, and resting dont really help but seem to relieve some of the pain. Hang in there mama, only a few more weeks left.