Linespotters? LonghornBabe 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Fort Worth, Texas 1403 posts
Sep 11th

I am not actively TTC, but if I'm pregnant, it is what it is, I guess.  My cycle has been really off recently, so I'm not 100% sure what dpo I am, but my guess would be somewhere around 9. 


Picture was taken after about 5 minutes.  I set it down, went in the other room to go do something because I was so sure it would be negative, and I came back to what I swear is the faintest, colored line.  I only even tested in the first place because my b**bs have felt weird.  I also had some spotting about 4 dpo.  I know it is invalid now, but there is definitely a faint colored line where the test strip is.  I just can't tell if this is a positive or an evap/indent.

Gonna try to hold my pee and take another one later, because this was after work with about a 3 hour hold.

Lyla & Maxwell's Mommy 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Wisconsin 1575 posts
Sep 11th

I feel like I might see something faint but it's hard to tell. Good luck! 

Awkward 5 kids; 2 angel babies; St Cloud, MN, United States 4630 posts
Sep 11th

If it was terribly close to the 5 minute mark I would call it a bfp.
It looks pink to me