Ovulation/opk question Cameron's mommy!(: 1 child; 1 angel baby; Minnesota 974 posts
Aug 11th '17

I got a positive opk 2 days ago (wednesday cd 13) and it was positive for two days. Also positive on thursday (yesterday). We dtd about 3 days ago cd 12. And today cd 15. My question is, I still have ewcm, alot of it. Its been slipperly and wet all day. Is that still fertile? Would you guess ovulation was today? I was thinking it was yesterday since that would be about 24 hours after the first positive.. Im confused because I was reading about how your peak day is usually the day before you ovulate or day of and the last day you feel that wet sensation, but today I still feel it.. so what is peak day and is it possible to ovulate 3 days after a positive opk? 

Hi_ImBob Due February 5; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Pennsylvania 2188 posts
Aug 12th '17

You usually ovulate 24-72 hrs after a positive opk but my doctor said most people are 24-48 hours though. Keep bd'ing