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Apr 20th '17


I haven't been on in a while a lot going on.  As you can see by my topic we are still TTC nearly 3 1/2 years now.  
Thing is over year ago my doctor did blood test and found out my levels for something or other were off and I eventually got a scan in September they found out I have a cyst sitting right on top of my bladder.    So fast forward hospital visit in agony and more tests they found its not to do with bladder its gyno and as I am public I had to wait another 6 months till gyno seen me.  

That was last week and as its new specialist I have to go for more scan to be sure its a cyst but by crumbs it hurts at times.  

Thing is as if it is a cyst and I am not back for them for another 3 months and a scan do I put off TTC as I will be put off for another few months possibly till they do operation to remove it.   At the time in October the cyst had a min 600ml fluid in it and as they scanned me in September they said it has grown.  My problem is now as pain is more frequent I am not sure if it has grown more ( good possiblilty )

Or do we chance just going for it, there is no chance that we will get pregnant as we haven't so far with second little one or do we just wait till July and see what they say after that.  

I am not getting any younger and I will be 37 when we start trying again if I have to wait.

Has anyone on here had cysts and got pregnant was it sore or complicated?

Any advice would really appreciate it.


ElleCole+triplets 5 kids; 3 angel babies; Rio Rancho, NM, United States 33259 posts
Apr 20th '17

I dunno but I had ovaries full of cysts when we conceived 

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Apr 20th '17

When I found out I was pregnant with my youngest,  the doctor also found a large 20cm cyst on my left ovary. (I had no idea of the cyst and the baby was a surprise.) I ended up having a laparotomy done at 14 weeks to have the cyst removed along with the ovary. 
Recovery was super painful and they had to do the surgery quick so the baby wouldn't be exposed to a lot of anesthesia.  I was also given a 50/50 chance of having a miscarriage after the surgery.  Recovery was a nightmare for about 3 weeks and then I began to fill somewhat normal. 

My advice is to wait to ttc.