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Apr 4th

So since I got pregnant, I've felt really vulnerable in my relationship. We have been together a little over 2 years and are engaged. I feel like since getting pregnant we haven't had the same kind of quality time we used to.. im not nearly as awake after work as I used to be and I spent the first 3 months sick throwing up. I miss him. I tell him I miss him and he doesn't understand. He laughs and says "what do you mean babe, im laying right next to you".. but still.. I do miss him. I miss us going out and having fun, having sex more frequently, being awake enough to talk and enjoy his company and most of all not being so stressed. I keep feeling like he isn't happy or something is off and when I ask he says no and then gets upset when I keep pushing, saying its all in my head and nothing is wrong. However lately he's been more testy than usual but he says it has nothing to do with me and its more just a mood he gets in sometimes (which is true.. sometimes he does). But im scared honestly. My first marriage ended after the birth of my first daughter and my second pregnancy ended when my ex boyfriend left. I don't want to lose this guy cause he's really the love of my life and I've never felt this way with someone before... I need comfort :(

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Apr 4th

Why did your first marriage end?

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status Apr 4th

I think you're thinking too much....

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Apr 4th

Quoting bia.:
I think you're thinking too much....

This... it could also be your hormones.

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Apr 6th

It looks like that it could be your hormones. I think all is in your mind. Maybe, you need to try ways to spice things up. Pregnancy does not mean that you can't go outor that you need to refrain your sex life that is something you need to be aware of, so that you don't feel like that. Maybe if you are tired, you can rest at daytime and try to work out new ideas for sex at night and find ways to talk without feeling insecure or try morning sex or other ideas you can search on the internet to improve communication he will be more motivated if he sees you with a different attitude. If you continue like that, you won't feel well and things may not be the same. All is matter of changing your attitude and be persistent.