Good false eyelashes? Consuela* United States 5029 posts
Mar 20th '17

A few years ago I got these cheapie halloween false eyelashes from walmart and they were super cute and easy to put on, first time I had ever tried falsies. I've tried buying other brands since to wear for going out once in a while but can't seem to get them to look good or on right or whatever, they are all stiff.

Any suggestions on a good brand thats not crazy expensive?

(3)Boys&APrincess Due December 12 (girl); 3 kids; New Jersey 11741 posts
Mar 20th '17

Sephora brand is good and inexpensive
I tried MAC and they looked awk.  

FashionJunky 1 child; 1 angel baby; New Jersey 880 posts
Mar 20th '17


excuse the stain on my shirt lol but those are Ardell false lashes and I love them. Easy to put on even with the baby distracting me lol 

Consuela* United States 5029 posts
Mar 20th '17

Thanks for the suggestions ladies! Gonna try them

Mombie+2 3 kids; That place, Pa, United States 3187 posts
Mar 20th '17

I got some kiss ones from Walmart they're pretty decent. I can't stand anything with a thick band. Makes me feel like I have a butterfly on my eye.

JBL Mommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; United States 881 posts
Mar 20th '17

Koko lashes. They are amazing and cheap. Only 7.99. You get a lot of use out of them if you care for them propeely. 

OldSoulBeauty Due June 3 (boy); 2 kids; DipityDooBittyBopBop, WA, United States 4684 posts
Mar 20th '17

Ardell,  kiss,  and red cherry are all affordable and easy to work with.