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Mar 18th '17

So Thursday ds was diagnosed with  moderate brachycephaly with some mild facial asymmetry through cranial tech. However since we haven't met our deductible we have to pay 2400 out of pocket so I researched and found Hanger. Spoke to them and they told me cash price without insurance is 1500 so financially that's doable. So now I was wondering what some of your experience with this helmet is and do you have any suggestions to make it easier? Also we did try repositioning since about 3 months and it didn't help. If you have before and after pics that would be great. I'm including the grayscale of his just to show where he's at right now and to see if someone else had a similar shape so I might be able to get an idea of his end result808dca0ab58deafd500dab6e2fa4723d.pnga7c745304d564094dff4b2acc29e0c7e.png

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Mar 18th '17

My best friends boys had to have it. The before and after is crazyf650fa444fa4fba39da0cd2aa998ed86.PNG