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Mar 17th '17

I had a tubal removal/mirena removal/cyst removal like 9 days ago.  And today the hormones hit.  Like a ton of bricks.  I was watching flip or flop  and I cried off and on for 2 episodes because I thought about their separation.  :( then I cried multiple times at work (I was really sick,  luckily in the office by myself turned out to be slightly dehydrated) but sinceI got home oh my event has made me laugh even just funny things on the Internet I'm cracking up.  Emotional roller coaster.  How did I not realize this would happen,  this is the first time in over 9 years that I haven't either been pregnant or on birth control.  Plus they messed with a lot down there including my ovarie because of the cyst.  That's a good excuse right? On the plus side I finally had a blood free day!  I'm so glad.  I haven't bled in like 4 years so I was worried I would for like a month after this lol.