Late but he is here! Mommyto1girl&3boys 4 kids; United States 1055 posts
Mar 14th

Late in announcing due to needing another c section but my little guy arrived on 2-27 at 5:04pm at 7 pounds 4 ounces 20 inches long. I arrived to labor and delivery at 7:30 am for my version and induction for a vbac. I never needed the version as baby flipped himself so induction was started right away. Was doing great with the pitocin until about 4 cm and after my water was broken. I was once again told I had way too much water under the baby's head which was keeping him too far up so it was a very risky vbac as he was in an unstable position but I was hoping. Well we waited a while and they went to check me and I barely made any progress which was unusual for me and the nurse was like hmmm I don't think that's a head anymore. Well sure enough my little guy flipped again during labor and went transverse. I was immediately being rolled into the OR and getting my epidural switched out for a spinal because epidural don't work that well for me. As I'm laying on the Or table I can here my doc talking to his fellow and how my blood vessels are weird and this and that well come to find out after my first c section my uterus grew the blood vessels and artery in the spotnthey needed to cut so I ended it getting a vertical incision on my uterus. It's very tender still being two weeks out. I was also told by my docs fellow my uterus basically gave out. It's narrowing and he was surprised I was ever able to have vaginal births and now with a vertical incision I will never be able to vbac and made it seem like I would die if I ever got pregnant again. Well it's a good thing hubby is fixed. Recovery has been slow and I have lots of painful spots and areas of what seems like scar tissue that is bothersome but it gets better daily. We are EBF and going on 16 days. 

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Mar 14th

Sorry it was such a horrible experience :( Your little man is a doll! Congratulations!

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status Mar 14th

Sounds like a rough delivery! I'm glad everyone ended up okay! He's adorable! 

Mandy and her girls!~ 4 kids; Illinois 13614 posts
Mar 14th

Cutie! Congrats! Love those pjs. 

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Mar 14th

Oh my god, what a beautiful little man you have! Congratulations! 

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Mar 14th

Aw he is so precious, congrats!

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Mar 15th

So sorry things didn't go like you wanted. Glad your both safe! He's gorgeous congratulations!!

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status Mar 15th

I'm sorry it wasn't the birth you had hoped for but I'm glad you're both safe and recovering. He is so adorable! Congrats!