How to? Awkward 5 kids; 2 angel babies; St Cloud, MN, United States 4625 posts
Mar 9th '17

I have a roast that HAS to be cooked today or else it'll go bad. I decided to cook it so it would be done early enough to bring some to my grandparents before supper time. 
I didn't have carrots or potatoes so I threw the roast in the went to get veggi's. I got distracted while I was out and now I think it is too late to add the vegetables to the roast. Can I just 'brown' them in a skillet with some seasonings and add them to the roast after everything is all cooked?
Would that be gross?

mommeof2 2 kids; United States 1664 posts
Mar 9th '17

I think you could still put them in and it will be fine. Just add a little bit of liquid stock or water and cover it so they cook through.

...B... 4 kids; 3 angel babies; .., .., Christmas Island 1264 posts
Mar 9th '17

How much time is left on the roast? 

I think pan frying them would be fine

Oh Why Not 2 kids; Hallandale beach, Fl, United States 8672 posts
Mar 9th '17

I dont think it would be gross. I would probably do that.

SpidermansMommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Ohio 6854 posts
Mar 9th '17

That should be fine.

Pinky Pie ♥ Due May 25 (boy); 3 kids; Kingston, ON, Canada 6529 posts
Mar 9th '17

depending on how much time you have left, you can also roast them off at high temp in the oven.

mrs.white8389 TTC since Jan 2016; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Florida 2642 posts
Mar 9th '17

If there is juice off the roast I would dump that over the veggies and cook the veggies in that in the oven covered with foil so it doesn't just burn off the liquid. After they are done just dump it back over the roast.