do braxton hicks stress the baby ? parents-2-b 1 child; Ohio 116 posts
Jul 16th '08

I've been having so many BH contractions since like 18weeks and now I am 39 and they are more intense and more frequent which I know is normal towards the end(but I think I have them more frequently than everybody else), I am worried that they will stress the baby out - constantly squishing the baby, what do you think?

Hailie's Mommy! 1 child; Arizona 490 posts
Jul 16th '08

Nah, when i hit about 38 weeks I was having BH contractions constantly. I worried about exaclty what you are but I had a healthy 9 lb 3 oz. baby girl! SO no worries....

DUH North Carolina 7099 posts
Jul 16th '08

i've read they don't, that the feel like a hug around the baby. What they do is get your uterus ready for real contractions.

Jessie *37 weeks* Due March 15 (boy); 3 kids; Maryville, Tennessee 4880 posts
Jul 17th '08
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