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    • Mel -- Votes: 10
    • Lia -- Votes: 38
    • A.J. -- Votes: 10
    • Amie (pronounced Emmie) -- Votes: 31
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Nickname for Amelia Mia, Lydia & Amelia's Mom 3 kids; Maine 444 posts
Jul 11th '08

I was wondering what sort of nickname to give my daughter Amelia. I've gotten different suggestions from family members and wanted some input,

Her name is Amelia Jean.

My parents and husband want to call her Mel
My mother in law wants to call her Lia (Leah)
Relatives want to call her A.J.
And I wanted to call her Amie (Emmie)

If you have a suggestion, I'm open!!

That Mik Girl 2 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 11497 posts
Jul 11th '08

i like lia. its really pretty as a nickname!

Mama Melis 3 kids; California 59500 posts
Jul 11th '08

I like Lia.

duce's mommy 1 child; Pennsylvania 469 posts
Jul 11th '08
Quoting Mia, Lydia & Amelia's Mom:
MRS. MOORE Due March 13 (boy); 1 child; Pasadena, Texas 385 posts
Jul 11th '08

i like lia... its pretty:)

jenni1128 2 kids; Ohio 662 posts
Jul 11th '08

Lia is cute and works wellfora baby and as she gets older

misanthrope 2 kids; Ramona, California 15431 posts
Jul 11th '08

My name is amie but prounced Amy

Braelyn Jayed's Mommy! 1 child; Louisiana 2 posts
Jul 11th '08
i think milly would be cute !
Cali Girly California 656 posts
Jul 11th '08
Quoting Mia, Lydia & Amelia's Mom:
Gordi's Mommy =] 1 child; Passaic, New Jersey 66 posts
Jul 11th '08

i like Lia. its cuute. :)

♥ ToniAnne &hearts Due April 14; TTC since Dec 2015; 43 kids; 8 angel babies; Massachusetts 5971 posts
Jul 11th '08

Lia is too cute...But I love Amelia it really doesnt need a mn...But I am sure you'll call her ohter nicknames....than what go with her name..

OrangeMami 2 kids; Illinois 334 posts
Jul 11th '08

I would use Mia for a nickname but because you already have a Mia, I would definitely go with Amie. Lia is too close to Mia and Lydia in my opinion.

*Mary* 2 kids; Florida 199 posts
Jul 11th '08

My daughters' name is Amelia too! I thought the whole time I was pregnant w/ her that I would use a nickname but once she was born, we've never used one. The nickname I was gonna use is Milly & her Dad was considering Amia. I think Amelia is a beautiful name I love it! :)

WeenieMachine 3 kids; Japan 27915 posts
Jul 12th '08

Awww, Amelia was my girl name for my last two boys! We would have called her Mia.

*Emilee* Due September 15; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Bakersfield, CA, United States 4567 posts
Jul 12th '08

Mia , Milly, and Lia. Cute name btw~