Fluid trapped behind ear drum --+-- Washington 17251 posts
Jul 7th '08

I have finally gotten some kind of answer as to what is going on with my damn ear. There is fluid that is trapped behind my ear drum. Sometimes it relieves itself, sometimes you need medical intervention.

Anyways I have an appointment tomorrow with an ear, nose, and throat specialist in hopes of getting this cleared up.

Has anyone else actually had this same problem? If so how quickly did you get relief after seeing the ENT specialist? I am due to give birth on Friday (she is being taken via c-section) and as of right now my hearing is horrible and I would be crushed if I couldn't hear my daughters first cries or be able to enjoy her birth because of this ear situation.

I guess I am just looking for someone who can offer up any personal stories that they have as to how quickly you were able to have relief after seeing the doc, also if you don't mind please tell me what they did in means of relieving the fluid from behind the ear drums.

--+-- Washington 17251 posts
Jul 7th '08

Nobody personally has had this, or have had kids that has had it????

MommaMary™ Due December 5; 2 kids; Maryland 9513 posts
Jul 7th '08

It's what I had Lacey.... and unfortunatley it took two weeks, but I think taking some allergy medicine might help. Also, do you have air in your house? WE have had our central AC on for months now to keep pollen out of the house....

Did they tell you to do that thing where you hold your nose, close your mouth and act like you are breathing through your nose and sniff really hard (you won't be able to sniff though, cause you are pinching your nose).... my doc said sometimes that relieves the pressure.....

❤BLAZIAN❤MAMA❤ Due December 21; 2 kids; Colorado 3911 posts
Jul 8th '08

i have, i had fluid behind my ear about 2 months ago..My midwife suggested suddafed or claritan to try to drain it and i took suddafed for 2 days and it didnt work.. Then she prescribed a medication and i refused to take it b/c i didnt want to take to many meds since im pregnant..Basically i left my ear alone for a month and didnt take any medication and at my last appt my midwife said it my ear drained itself b/c there was no more fluid behind my ear drum..So i basically just waited for it drain itself