how many do i need? E-ar~~ 1 child; New York 98 posts
Jul 6th '08

it seems a little stupid question but thanks for answering. many 4oz bottlesand 8oz bottles do i need? i hear people saying babies won't need the 4oz too long. many Hooded Towel do i need? many receiveing blanket do i need and what'sit use for??? many newborn(0-3months) pacifier should i buy?

WeenieMachine 3 kids; Japan 27915 posts
Jul 6th '08

I think I had four 4-oz and eight 8-oz.

I didn't do hooded towels because as big as my kids' heads felt coming out, the hood would flip down over their faces and halfway down their chests.

Are receiving blankets to swaddle them? Overall, I have probably at least a dozen in various weights and sizes.

Tracy Ann 3 kids; Michigan 20794 posts
Jul 6th '08

I have 8 of each size of bottles-you will use the 4 oz later on for juice. I have 6 hooded towels-that way I can be lazy about laundry.And I have about 15 receiving blankets-but I use them for everything. I wrap him in them,I use them as a sheet saver-meaning when I lay him in his crib I double fold a receiving blanket and lay him on that-so if he spits up you do not have to change the crib bedding. Anyplace I lay him down I put a receiving blanket under him.

Mommy2022 34 kids; Applewood, Pa, United States 9644 posts
Jul 6th '08

I mostly breast feed. i had 4-4ozs bottles and 6-8ozs bottles.

I only needed 4 hooded towels and now at 18 mos we dont use them. Get the thick ones. I have a few thin ones and do not like them.

I had about 10 but never used them. For my nephew my sister needed about 20 and still washed them every 2-3 days. She used them for her son when he spit up. That was all they were good for also he was a summer baby so it was a nice cover for cooler nights because anything heavyer would have been to hot.

Mommy of a giggler! 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 9017 posts
Jul 6th '08

Depends on how often you want to do dishes and laundry :)
1. I have 8 - 8z and 12 - 4 oz (Kieran is 10 months and still like to take a 4 oz in the mid day). I use the drops ins.
2. I had 5 hooded towels, but he was to long so I never really used them.I prefered a smaller bathtowel.
3. I have tons of recieving blankets (at least 30)they were all gifts and hand me downs. I used about 2 a day when he was little to cleanup spit up. I only swaddled him in them the first 2 weeks or so and then we was really to long for mostof them.

Shaunna's Mom 1 child; Texas 6595 posts
Jul 6th '08

I bought six 4 oz bottles and six eight oz bottles. In the beginning I am going to exclusive breastfeed but I am going to pump later to save for daycare and so hubby can feed too. She has three hooded towels andsixteen receiving blankets. I am going to use the receiving blankets to lay her on when she is in the bed with us and as security blankets when she is older. But I bought sleep sacks for her to sleep in so that the blankets don't accidently cover her face. I know I can tuck them into the crib mattress but I am just scared that it may come undone or if she is visiting they may not tuck it.

Penny&Jess 1 child; Florida 15375 posts
Jul 6th '08

I have various different bottles. I was told not to buy too many of one kind because you don't know what your baby will like. I bought a 3 pk of Playtex Drop Ins in 4 oz and a 3 pk of Playtex Ventaire Advanced because that is what my friends recommended me. After she was born we bought another 3pk of Drop Ins because she used a lot of them and some cheapies from WalMart, I think Parent Choice and they are 5 oz. We don't use all of them all the time, it just depends on if I want to wash a lot of bottles or not. My favs so far are the Drop Ins for sheer convenience and because she isn't gassy or fussy with them, really she isn't with any I have used do far.

For hooded towels I got some from my baby shower and I think I have about 6-8 of them, I use them but they are not necessarily a neccessity IMO.

I have about 12 recieving blankets. They are for swaddling and I use them to put under her when she sleeps in case of spit up. The best things I have found for spit up are cloth diapers, they make the best burp clothes......

My baby doesn't really take a pacifier. I have about 2 from the hospital and about 4-6 that were bought for me as a gift. Not all babies take them right away or at all.

Don't go overboard on clothes either, my baby is still wearing her NB and since the summer will end soon I don't know if she will get to wear some of her cute summer stuff in 3mth......time will only tell. Babies don't need a ton of stuff, the temptation is there because everything is so darn cute but seriously alot of it can be a waste.

Good luck!