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Apr 18th '08

sorry i did not realise it was posted so long ago. :?I actually did notice that there were a lot of young mothers on this site, but I am one myself (although not a teen) so i feel comfortable with it, but could see if other ppl werent.

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May 7th '08

how do i post a baby gaga ticker on my my space
i clicked on get code for ticker or get code and it will not give me a code.

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May 11th '08

I was a teen mother. I had my oldest son at 18 and he was an accident, while taking B/C. But then I was also married at 17. And no, I did not get married because i was pg, it was a choice. I still finished high school and went to collage. Being a young mother IS scary, but it is worth it. My son is 11 now, almost twelve, and his brother is 8 and sister is 5. My life was not put on hold. My niece had her first child at 16 and finished high school and is going to collage on a scholarship. A lot of women are waiting now to have children later in life and that is their choice. But think about years ago. How old was your mother when she had her first? How old was her mother? And how old was you grandmothers mother?

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Jun 1st '08
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Jun 11th '08
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Jun 23rd '08

Hey ladies aren't we all on here to help each other out. Teenagers or accomplished educated women aare all in the same boat so to speak we are all pregnant and need to hear if others are experiancing the same. I agree with it being sad that we have so much teenage pregnancy and that is due to poor sexual education or poor parent-child communications about the birds and the bees. Now a days your lucky if you don't catch a disease having sex. So I see being pregnant as the lesser of the two evils. Being that young I can't imagine they would have wanted to be pregnant with their whole life ahead of them. Now being that young is just going to make their lives more challenging I have friends and family who have been teen mothers a couple of them graduated college and went on to succeessful careers. The fact that their are more teen mothers on this site is good, they have a source to get straight answers that they may otherwise be to shy or embarassed to ask from a loved one. I thank whoever came up with this site because it encourages people to talk when they need an outlet to vent.

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Jul 14th '08
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Jul 17th '08

I am a pregnant teen...even though my fiancee and I planned our family...we were where we wanted to be when we started our family. I want all the advice I can get...I cant be a perfect mom...but I can do my best. And all the other moms i would love some advice about anything...who knows better than you?

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