eye color babe_girl87 United States 2 posts
Aug 8th '14

OK so this is just a random thought I've been having and I need an opinion ! 
My boyfriend is African American. he has green eyes. his mom has green eyes. and his granny has green eyes. 

-his sisters, brothers and uncles and aunts all have brown eyes tho. 

i have blue eyes. 

i I wanna know what color the baby's eyes could be !!! is there any possibility they could be brown? 

MrsKW 3 kids; United States 4579 posts
Aug 8th '14

i'm sure its possible

Moscato Momma 2 kids; 1 angel baby; ........, IA, United States 353 posts
Aug 8th '14

I have no idea how all that works.  Myself and EVERYONE in my family has sh*t brown eyes and my SO has blue eyes. I though brown eyes were dominant... WRONG!! Our daughter has the bluest eyes (she's almost 3 they aren't changing) sorry I'm not any help. Just know that anything can happen 

♡KRT♡ Due October 21 (girl); 1 child; United States 725 posts
Aug 8th '14

That crazy genetic mishap of dark skin and blue/green/golden eyes is so freakin beautiful!  Im not cool enough to be able to share the eye color chart but I'm sure someone on here will, if not you can easily Google it but my guess is brown is definitely a possibility.  I'm just not sure what the odds are.

mlpmommy Due September 17 (girl); 2 kids; United States 45 posts
Aug 8th '14

It all depends. My husband has crystal blue eyes and I have hazel eyes. Our daughter has his eyes and our sin has my eyes. Not sure what this baby will have but I'm excited to find out.

Noneya Business 2 kids; Pennsylvania 12942 posts
Aug 8th '14

As of what I was tought in high school, brown is dominate, blue is recessive and green is actually a mutation. Pretty much it can be any if they run in the families.

Bita Cabrera 1 child; United States 446 posts
Aug 8th '14

I am 32 weeks and the update that this site gave me for this week states that a baby had blue eyes right now so if the baby starts off with blue eyes and he has blue eyes isn't it a great possibility that her eyes will stay blue

slayeraX7 4 angel babies; nowhere, ca, United States 2510 posts
Aug 8th '14

theres this site u can go to & put in the calculations of everyones eye color. it will give percentages of possible eye color. I don't know how to link it but, its called: its a pretty cool tool they have on there.