TDaP???? ...:::Brittany:::... Due August 8; 3 kids; Dawsonville, GA, United States 6750 posts
Jul 31st '14

With my first two I got it in the hospital AFTER I had them and they did it in my hip so it never hurt. Well now they said it's recommended to be done like 32-36 weeks and since I am 36 weeks today I got it yesterday(my appt was Tuesday they didn't realize I hadn't got it) anyways they did it in my arm which they said is where I'm supposed to get it which is fine. I'm a big baby when it comes to needles and hate shots ect because I'm a wimp and I'm almost certain this is nothing but my arm is super sore today.... That's just from the tetnis(no idea how to spell that) in it right? There is no fever and just a tiny red spot that looks like a mosquito bite where they stuck me. So ease my mind and tell me to take a chill pills it's normal.... Please lol.

Mariaa Adreanaa 1 child; United States 598 posts
Jul 31st '14

completely normal (: i got it last week, the next day my arm was sore, as if I had worked out jajaja ! 

shaybutter2 Due September 22 (girl); 1 child; United States 17 posts
Jul 31st '14

The pain in my arm lasted 2 almost 3 weeks. I could barely move my arm. 

Finally loved Due September 17 (girl); 3 kids; 6 angel babies; Seaside, Oregon 6784 posts
Jul 31st '14

Totally normal!!! Tetnaus is a nasty one. But not as bad as the hpv shot and the hep c shots!!!! 
I just got mine yesterday and my whole shoulder is sore and I have a huge lump 

MrsJp13 2 kids; Inland empire, CA, United States 2029 posts
Jul 31st '14

Completely normal. It does last for a while too. The more you move your arm the faster the soreness will go away 

...:::Brittany:::... Due August 8; 3 kids; Dawsonville, GA, United States 6750 posts
Jul 31st '14

Thank y'all and yea it's still super sore today and the knot has just gotten bigger. I always heard the more you move it the faster it goes away also so have been trying to but dang it hurts lol. I've also had a horrible headache and I looked at the side effects paper and that's one so I called my doc and she said it's all normal to take some Tylenol and that I can put a warm or cool compress on my arm whichever I think will feel better and it should help so I'm gonna put my hearing pad on it now that I'm at work and hope it goes down! I'm a bigger girl but have scrawny arms but I don't remember it doing this when I got it in my arm as a kid.