n****e pain Jenn and Kendra Due October 2; 1 child; st. louis, MO, United States 520 posts
Jul 21st '14

Hi so I'm curious is it normal to have random sharp n****e pain. I have been getting random sharp n****e pain in only my right n****e! Does anyone else get this or am I just weird haha. I am 30 weeks pregnant just FYI! Thanks in advance for any comments!

Mommyof2B 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Torrance, California 2917 posts
Jul 21st '14

I think I had that once but now it feels like it's going to cut right off. Especially when I'm holding my DS and he is squishing it wrong so I have to hurry up and lay him down to check lol. Or at times I wake up and felt like I'm leaking because it feels so cold there but nothing.