For small bellied pregos MotherFalcon Seidkona 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Fólkvangr, Asgard, YD, Sweden 6712 posts
Jul 21st '14

for those that have had pregnancies with big and small bellies in the 3rd tri...
does it still hurt your back as bad as having a big hanging belly? or does it hurt more cuz baby is on your spine more?
do your organs stay in the relatively same spot?

Amber n dave Due August 28; 3 kids; Wisconsin 2690 posts
Jul 21st '14

ive never gotten a huge belly during pregnancy and ive never experienced any back pain until i was in active labor.

Ronnie RadKat 4 kids; Arizona 23349 posts
Jul 21st '14

Quoting Pregator+1:
Not sure on the organs positioning part- but I have back pain and I'm guessing it's from baby pressed up against my spine because if I change positions or postures it gets a little better.. Or sometimes worse lol 

I had small bellies and I had hip pain with a couple pregnancies and back pain with a couple. My organs were definitely pushed around and my rib cage and hips widened a lot. Pp I always have a lot of hip and upper back pain as everything goes back to normal 

EmmyBoo_19 Due November 30 (girl); United States 22 posts
Jul 22nd '14

I have hip and back pains. Baby is already putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. :( I have a small belly too.