Moms with kids! Donnamarie88 United States 102 posts
Jul 21st '14

How long did your early labor last?? 
It's been a day since I started feeling contractions, and I havent progressed at all!
I really believed that I would be holding my baby by now 

user banned TTA since Jun 2010; 5 kids; Japan 207 posts
Jul 21st '14

I am a mom with no kids.. 
contractions can take days. 

DeidreLC Due October 24 (boy); 1 child; 2 angel babies; Spotsylvania, Virginia 1104 posts
Jul 21st '14

I was in labor from january 2nd until I had him on January 31st. 

Squid Kid Unavailable, NA, United States 32450 posts
Jul 21st '14

Weeks. Weeeeeeeks.

Contracted for days and days, lost plug for days, diarrhea for days. With my secodn, anyway.

My first just kinda decided to go one day.