ElenaBiani 1 child; Houston, Texas 60 posts
Jul 7th '08

Ok, so saturday, I woke up with a completely dry mouth. My tongue was cracked and my lips chapped, I was so dehydrated. So I took someone's advice on here and had some gatorade deluted with water and had my chapstick ready. After all day of drinking stuff, it finally got a little back to normal. Yestyerday (Sunday) we went to dinner and when I got back I had to go pee...duh.... that happened when i got to the restaurant too, lol and basically anywhere. Well anyway, I had some pinkish discharge and this morning I woke up completely constipated.. and nauteous. What is going on? Has anyone else gone through this? By the way, I'm 38 weeks +1 day today. Thanks for your responses.

Cora & Ava's Mommy! 2 kids; Fort Bragg, North Carolina 546 posts
Oct 19th '08

I am on the same boat! I'm only 31 weeks though, I'm experiencing a lot of diarrhea like the whole day today (about 4-6 times today!) with mild leg and back cramps. And it feels like whenever I pee, I am going to pee her out! It's so weird, though! I keep myself hydrated but my lips and my mouth always seem to be dry! I hear that dehydration and constipation might be early labor signs... is that true?

Amy Smith-Burrows Due November 10 (girl); 20 kids; Shawnee, Oklahoma 19 posts
Oct 18th '11

I am 36 weeks and 4 days and am sooo tired and nauseated!! MaN IT IS ROUGH!! i have been sitting in my bed all day wondering why i can't seem to get up without getting even more nauseated.. :(.. i have been having braxton hicks for awhile and the nausea has been for about a week or so.. and heartburn has started in the last couple of weeks.. wow i am glad i am not doing this again!!! Come on Ana we want to meet you

Kaelyn Cohl Due June 30 (girl); Colorado Springs, Colorado 14 posts
Jun 13th '12

I'm 37 weeks and 4 days and I have the same problem, I was up for three hours last night with nausea and diarrhea. The worst that it has been. I keep reading that it's a sign of labor so I hope you guys are right. I'm ready to have her and I also miss sleeping on my tummy lol im glad im not the only one. I feel terrible constantly! She just needs to get here!

Audrey Shannon Anderson Due March 20 (girl); 1 child; Georgia 16 posts
Mar 9th '13

I'm 37 weeks and 2 days. This is my second pregnancy. I am Having same symptoms. Got sick and was in the bathroom for 3 hrs last night. Off and on since middle of last week. Plus I have a head cold with a cough and runny nose (yay me). Even missed a good friends sons 1st birthday cause of being so nauseated and sick. Had massive braxton hicks two weeks ago and yesterday and this morning could feel her head in my pelvis. Plus pressure so intense everytime I stand up in my pelvis and back. Glad to see others are going through this too. Wasn't sure if this was normal second time around or not. I do not remember being so sick to my stomach so often close the delivery last time. I am literally due to have her in 12 days. I wanna hold on longer cuz my mom will be here in 10 days. Looks like its a sign of preparation for labor. It would be nice seeing as how miserable i am. READY and not ready at the same time. Can't wait to sleep on my stomach and back, but know sleep deprivation is right around the corner :-{. Asking too what else might alieviate all this. Iam home with my 2 1/2 year old all day and still have to function for her. Can't really lay in bed like I want to soooo bad. Help

Audrey Shannon Anderson Due March 20 (girl); 1 child; Georgia 16 posts
Mar 9th '13

Can't call dr's office til tmrw. Not sure if I really want to cuz my water hasn't broke and I am not having real contractions. My appt is
Wednesday. If it gets worse i guess i'll have to.