great way to get your cervix to dilate! ashleylauren4202 1 child; Florida 33 posts
Mar 14th '07
I am 37 1/2 weeks along, and when I had my cervix checked at the beginning of 36 weeks I was 50% effaced but still high and closed :( . I started walking a mile every day and cleaning a lot and I increased my fluid intake, and today my cervix was checked and I am now almost to 3 cm, 80% effaced, low cervix and dropped baby! yay! That got me really excited! I hope he comes a week or two early not a week or two late....
Williams_Mommy Oklahoma 1 posts
Feb 16th '09

im dilated to a 2 1/2 and 80% effaced but they still wont keep me in the hospital or induce me. im 38 weeks and im sooo anxious. I have tried walking and all that does is increase my blood pressure.. ugh..! i want to hold my son and it seems that this 1/2 is the only thing in my way lol..!

Momma of 2 babies and a t Due February 21 (girl); 18 kids; Tacoma, Washington 550 posts
Feb 16th '09

I have been walking alot more lately just to get things going in the right direction when the time comes, but all it does it cause more pressure and A painful contraction (that's right only one) and then my right hip seems to pop out of place and I get pain. This sucks! I can't have sex with DH because for some reason I hurt him during sex so he won't unless we use a condom!!! Damn it!

Crystal Weaver Due July 4 (girl); Saltville, Virginia 10 posts
Jun 6th '11

I'm 36 weeks now and I used to walk a lot, but now it kills me to walk. The whole Braxton-Hicks contractions decide to take hold and my soon-to-be little girl likes my bladder, so I cannot go to far from a bathroom. So far I haven't even dilated yet and to be honest, I'm quite miserable. I've definitely dropped, and if it wasn't for my allergies, I'd be thanking God that I could breathe. Now sex is definitely out of the question because the pressure between the baby and him is almost unbearable...Spicey foods haven't worked for me either...all it did was give me severe heartburn and a distaste for a lot of my once favorite foods=(

Erin Briz Due November 17; Ohio 1 posts
Nov 9th '11

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and going nuts I'm only a finger tip dialated and sex isnt working walking isn't working stairs aren't working idk what elsr to do. I'm going crazy!!! Help?

Carolann Loveridge Due September 6 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; United Kingdom 2691 posts
Nov 9th '11
Quoting Erin Briz:" I'm 39 weeks pregnant and going nuts I'm only a finger tip dialated and sex isnt working walking isn't working stairs aren't working idk what elsr to do. I'm going crazy!!! Help?"

God im in the same boat mumma im 39 weeks and 4 days !! he is way to comfy in there :( trying sex again tonight (probs wont work but can have fin trying lol and if it does work bonus ) but i have tried literally everything ... this cheeky monkey does not want to be evicted !!

mzzbeauty09 Due April 3; 4 kids; New York 22 posts
Dec 21st '11

ive been 2 cm about 25% effaced for over a week now and nothing is working.... ive tried walking sex n****e stim. hot showers cleaning the house even went as far as castor oil ... the castor oil just made me throw up a few contractions then nothing ... im so uncomfortable cant sleep threw the night already measure over 40 weeks and as of last week he was over 7lbs so i can just imagine what he is now... im so looking forward to the pains of labor at this point.... lol .....

lynn1975 Due July 16 (girl); North Carolina 1 posts
Jul 17th '13

I'm at my 40week and my due date was yesterday july 16th but i havent dilated... :-( I've tried walking still nothing. So if nothing happens this week ill be induced the 22nd.... This lil one is being stubborn