Shots in your back? Bulging discs Sour Daisy 1 child; Kennewick, Washington 7251 posts
May 13th '14

I just found out today, the lower two discs (I think that's what they're called, the cartilage part between your spinal column) are hardening and bulging, pinching nerves in the process. I was referred to a specialist to talk about pain management and what to do next and they mentioned getting injections in my back. Has anyone experienced this? Do the shots work? What about side effects? I have so many questions, my appointment is on Monday and I am already a bit anxious. 

But man, does it feel amazing actually having answers. I've been dealing with chronic back pain since I was 15, no one has been able to give me a diagnosis before. I actually left the doctors office optimistic, that feels damn good. I'm happy to finally have help.