Support System ☆Tiffanyyy☆ 1 child; none, FL, United States 492 posts
May 4th '14

I just finished my school for Dental Assisting last week. I passed the class with a 94 & I passed my Ohio Radiology exam, my National board tests for Radiology & Infection control. I'm starting my internships next week & i'll be able to work as a dental assistant! I'm proud of myself for getting this far especially since I'm a single mother & I was working part-time and taking four additional college classes. I got through everything and passed. I'm done with everything now and just waiting for my internship to start. I've said to my family that i'm done and I did well and they just say 'that's cool'. Like it doesn't even matter to them. I'm friends with the other girls in my class on Facebook and their families and friends even threw a party for them. I just feel like my family doesn't even care anything that I do and it's just me and my son. Would that bother you? 

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May 4th '14

It'd bother me. 

But then again, some people come from families where some things just get overlooked and made to be unimportant.

Congrats btw! 

*KatteyBug* 2 kids; My City, AL, United States 2706 posts
May 4th '14

Wow that's awesome! And you're a single parent? ( just guessing since you didn't mention a SO) 
It would bother me if that happened. You accomplished a lot, they should be excited and proud of you. Not having a good support system stinks :/ But, you should be very proud of yourself! That really is great! 

kerisha95 Due December 15 (boy); 1 angel baby; United Kingdom 31 posts
May 4th '14

wow I must say you should be so proud of yourself some people give up when they have children I hope I can achive my goals to become a pediatric nurse after my baby is born

☆Tiffanyyy☆ 1 child; none, FL, United States 492 posts
May 4th '14

Thank you both! Means a lot. 

Yes, I'm a single parent. & I guess it's true that things can be overlooked. I'm going to make sure I praise my son for everything good he does. 

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May 4th '14

Ive been there and it sucks but you seem to be a very strong person and Im proud of you. :)

RainbowSprinkles Due March 24; 2 kids; United States 2093 posts
May 4th '14

Good for you! Congrats! I'd throw you a party if I could, you deserve a little fun after doing so well. It would bother me,too... :/

Bad Things Blacksburg, SC, United States 21473 posts
May 4th '14

First off, congrats!!!! That is huge!!! 

And yes, I'd be upset. But not for long because in the end, I would know its a huge deal and the results are sure to pay off in your and your child's whole life! Keep your chin up and try to brush off your family's faults. It's their issue, not yours! 

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May 4th '14

I'm sorry! That's great! Going to college is hard with kids. I can't imagine doing it as a single mom. Good for you! Seriously! They really should have acknowledged your accomplishment. But look at it this way, even if your family didn't acknowledge it, your kids will appreciate it when they're older!