Diaper Bag little whatever 2 kids; California 1195 posts
May 4th '14

What diaper bag you ladies have and do you like it? With DS I bought the fisher price diaper Bag that I liked at first because it was so big but the wiring on it broke fast and continued to cut me until I gave up and trashed it.
it looked similar to this
<a href=fisher price diaper bag photo: Fisher Price Everyday Diaper Bag (Limited Stock)01 FisherPriceEverydayDiaperBagLimitedStock.jpg" />

user banned Due September 14 (boy); 1 child; Rhode Island 6726 posts
May 4th '14

I had the Vera Bradley one when DD was little. This time around I'm thinking petunia pickle bottom.

MinionBubblez 1 child; somewhere, ne, United States 2428 posts
May 4th '14

got one from walmart with monkeys on it

B and B mommy 2014 2 kids; Center Line, MI, United States 1226 posts
May 4th '14

I started with a nice one. Now I used a small backpack to carry stuff.

Rachie.luv♡ 2 kids; El Paso, Texas 14643 posts
May 4th '14

I carry of a potty trained two year old and a on year old. I love my jujube be right back, but I have a skip hop delux that fits everything as well. But sucks on th shoulder. I have a skip hop duo coming 

little whatever 2 kids; California 1195 posts
May 4th '14

I love ju ju be but they are just too costly for my taste. I wanted the JJ Cole satchel when I was pregnant last time and am debating getting it this'd time.