Baby Wearing CurlyDimpledLunatic! Due December 11 (girl); 2 kids; North Dakota 13773 posts
May 4th '14

I know, I'm a little early posting this, but I have been doing lots of research this time around for everything that we will be buying for baby. 
This is baby number three and I definitely want to wear this baby as much as I can when he or she comes. But I know nothing about it. 
Where do I start? What are some things I can use or buy to wear baby? What are the most comfortable things to use or buy to wear baby? I know I can google, but I am very interested in the BG community's input. 
Also, I don't know if it matters or not, but I will be EBF as well until I have to retun to work and then I will be pumping while at work. TIA!! 

Lil Dude's Mamma [7 weeks Due December 27; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Argentina 2596 posts
May 4th '14

Watching! I also want to wear this baby when it's born. 

*Game Over* 3 kids; Winchestertonfieldville, IA, United States 5453 posts
May 4th '14

I made a Moby wrap myself. I used one with DS and loved it. Made going out so much nicer and he would just snuggle up against me and sleep for hours. 

Mama Rabbit {+3} TTC since Dec 2016; 3 kids; ., MA, United States 10225 posts
May 4th '14

I've used a regular carrier which hurt my shoulders, I've used a moby which was too much fabric to bother with especially out and about. I've used an ergo with my son for a back carry but he's almost too big for it now but I plan on using it for this baby. If I can carry my almost 3 year old comfortably on my back which no issues I feel like a newborn+ will be no problem :) Plus it's designed for better hip alignment for bub.

Noneya biz63f 1 child; Nowhere, MS, United States 299 posts
May 4th '14

Baby K'Tan in Breeze. Buy one! You won't regret it.