Should I be worried? Benjamin's mom Due September 10 (girl); United States 3 posts
May 4th '14

About a week ago, And every other day after i see a light pink streak on my toilet paper, I have been really stressed and my baby still moving around... My first baby so.. I don't know what to think.

TeenTubby 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New Jersey 811 posts
May 4th '14

Are you having sex?

RainbowSprinkles Due March 24; 2 kids; United States 2093 posts
May 4th '14

Have you talked to your Doctor or midwife about it? That is something I'd definitely bring up to them, it could be nothing or it could be the beginning of something more serious. They will guide you in the best direction. I wish you the best,hun! :D