Woman Kills her 4 Year old "Because He's Gay" Squid Kid Unavailable, NA, United States 32450 posts
Mar 27th '14

"PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon woman on trial for the murder of her 4-year-old son believed the boy was gay and that was a motive behind the deadly beatings, a prosecutor said.
Jessica Dutro’s son Zachary died in August 2012, days after collapsing at the homeless shelter where his family was living southwest of Portland.
Washington County Judge Don Letourneau ruled Wednesday, after jurors were released for the day, that a Facebook message from Dutro to her boyfriend was admissible evidence, The Oregonian newspaper reported.
In the message, Dutro told her boyfriend, Brian Canady, that Zachary was “facing the wall” because he had made her angry.
Her son was going to be gay, she wrote, using a slur. “He walks and talks like it. Ugh.”
Canady would have to “work on” Zachary, she wrote.
The message established Dutro’s motive for inflicting a pattern of abuse, prosecutor Megan Johnson said. Dutro assaulted three of her children, but Zachary received the harshest treatment, authorities said.
The judge ruled additional web searches done by Dutro were also admissible. On Aug. 16, 2012, the day her son’s life support was terminated, Dutro searched terms such as anger management and parenting classes, prosecutors said. She also searched listings for free stuff and sex with strangers, they said.
Earlier this month, Canady pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assault for his role in the homicide.
The boy died of blunt-force trauma to his abdomen and a delay in medical treatment, prosecutors said.
Dutro, 25, is charged with murder, murder by abuse and second-degree assault."

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! He was f**king four years old, four year olds don't HAVE sexual preferences, they're KIDS. Even if he was, this is how you respond?!

HopingforaMiracle 1 child; USA 23103 posts
Mar 27th '14

What. The. Hell. Poor little guy...

bia. ., ., Portugal 102218 posts
Mar 27th '14

Omg :( HOW!? This is awful, I hope this mutt gets whats coming to her! 

=^•^= NO, OD, France 36617 posts
Mar 27th '14

Can I torture her? I don't care if that makes me a sick sadistic f**k, I hope that b***h gets something slow and excruciating coming to her.

Wissam - BG 1 child; Montreal, Quebec 740 posts
Mar 27th '14

This is so sad Very Sad

Double Jeopardy 1 child; 1 angel baby; Seattle, WA, United States 19373 posts
Mar 27th '14

That's so sad :-(

Dragon Queen TTC since Jul 2016; Salem, OR, United States 9939 posts
Mar 27th '14

Oh wow. Psychotic. 

That's also my home state. People are f**king unreal. 

Neisha Sade Due July 30 (boy); 2 kids; ACWORTH, GA, United States 350 posts
Mar 27th '14

I don't understand how any mother can look at the child they created and want to hurt them!! Disgusting!! 

♥ Mrs. S ♥ Due September 20; 2 kids; Venezuela 13673 posts
Mar 27th '14

This makes me so sad. 

Klaus 2 kids; Mississippi 27174 posts
Mar 27th '14

Sitting here holding one of my babies while the other is singing to himself in the other room just makes me cry thinking of people treating their kids that way. How could somebody hurt kids? They are so small and innocent and naturally loving. Nothing my kids could ever do could make me want to hurt them :( That poor baby. 

Trey&Genesis'momma 4 kids; 4 angel babies; Somewhere, IN, United States 4802 posts
Mar 27th '14

Absolutely terrible :( Even if my kids turned out that way, i would NEVER harm them. Sounds like someone should beat the snot out of her so she knows what it feels like. Plus he was just a can't possibly know at that point if they'll grow up to be gay. SMH.

KyleySays Due June 4 (boy); 2 kids; Japan 269 posts
Mar 27th '14

I don't care how old they are, killing someone for sexual orientation is never anything less than disgusting. 

But this was a child. Her child. Regardless of whether or not you can ever really know for sure that someone is gay so young, her job was to protect and nourish her child; that makes this so much worse. 

No sympathy. If you can murder a child for being "gay" then you should also be able to murder a woman for being a killer. Good job, mom. Enjoy life on the inside. 

Riley+Abby 2 kids; Toronto, Ontario 2423 posts
Mar 27th '14

Quoting linsα:
Can I torture her? I don't care if that makes me a sick sadistic f**k, I hope that b***h gets something slow and excruciating coming to her.

Can I help you??

Four year olds don't have sexual preferences. What a fricking sick, sadistic f****r. That just absolutely breaks my heart. That poor little boy...