sore crotch Momma to 3 C's 3 kids; Marianna, 2986 posts
Mar 24th '14

I'm 29weeks along with my 3rd...

I feel like some one has kicked me so hard in my crotch the last month or so....Never had this problem with my other 2. It hurts to stand up from sitting or laying. and laying/sitting to standing. Then of course rolling over in bed, I'd rather puke than roll over...

Any ideas how to reduce the pressure down there? Also it's not really my libia's or that part it's more the upper part just below my belly. 

Amanda Felder United States 1 posts
Mar 24th '14

I'm 28 weeks today and have been having the same issue. I have a Dr appt soon but I thought it was from moving around so much because when I lay down and rest it gets better, also a maternity belt makes a huge difference for mw too. :)

Michelle Cutting Canada 2 posts
Mar 25th '14

These pains started on me at 20 weks. Im 28 weeks now and have been told that a belly band will help alot. 

L7 Alabama, NJ, United States 1568 posts
Mar 25th '14

I had this for weeks and weeks it was absolutely horrendous. And I had nothing like it with my first. What helped me was having a bath with epsom salts. The pressure of the baby can sometimes cause swelling and those salts reduce that.