1 month old cries when she poops... Lovesreign Meow, Mm, United States 231 posts
Mar 18th '14

Now everyone's gonna say "Well no shit sherlock", but this time its different. I was changing a pee diaper of hers and in the midst of doing so she started to poop. She started to grunt and turned a deep red as she pushed it out and then she began crying, like extremely loud. It was taking a little long for it to all come out and the whole time she was grunting while crying as she was pushing it. When I cleaned it up with the wipes it felt hard, still a little mushy but still too hard in my opinion. She had been having gas issues not too long ago, and they seemed to go away but now this? I really hate seeing her being in pain. The past two weeks have been a very difficult time for her, it seems like there is always something new bugging her.

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Mar 18th '14

Quoting .Lizzie.:
She's likely a bit constipated.

Is she formula or breastfed and is she taking additional vitamins?

If she's formula fed, I'd probably mix a bit of pear or prune juice into her bottle.  1/2 to 1oz of juice and the rest formula.

I agree she is probably constipated although she's only a month so I wouldn't give her anything without checking with your pediatrician first.

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Mar 18th '14

Sounds like constipation. Check with her pediatrician to see what your options are.