Is anyone else not excited? Nina91 Due June 19 (girl); United States 2 posts
Feb 28th '14

I am 24 weeks and am not feeling excited about becoming a mother. I've always wanted a baby so I don't know why I feel so indifferent. Everyone around me is so excited and I pretend to be to when around them, even my doctor. My dad is happy about his grandchild but my mom has been acting indifferent which is odd for her because we had a close relationship before this. I have no desire to buy anything for the baby or set up the nursery. I'm lost...

midoubaby 1 child; 1 angel baby; sc, uk, United Kingdom 200 posts
Feb 28th '14

i think that is just the stress of being preg and your hormones it gets you that way sometimes i think most people do at one point or another. dont worry everything will turn out fine especialy when you see and hold your baba you will fall in love. but if you continue to feel down by things please just talk to someone dont keep things to yourself you will end up feeling worse it is normal what your feeling but it will get better. just talk when you need to dont feel alone good luck. :)

mrspost Due September 17; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; elmore, mn, United States 35 posts
Feb 28th '14

I felt the same way with my second child just for the fact that my daughter wasn't even 4 months old when found out was pregnant...... got ahold of an adoption agency (not that want anythging to do with him) but wasn't ready for him well to make a long story short...... we were all in the hospital room and after he was born looked at my mom and the rest of my family and told them I couldn't do it and asked my mom if she would tell the adoptive parents that changed my mind....... basically what saying is once you hold your and look in his/her eyes you be excited and happy! could just be that you hve pregnancy jitters like you feel that you aren't good enough and things like that.......just hang in there yur excitment will come! good luck and the best of wishes to you and your family!

Leisha-Nadine 1 child; New Zealand 744 posts
Feb 28th '14

It still doesnt feel real to me, actually cant believe im pregnant so im not really excited eithep

MistaWhite 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Backwoods, GA, United States 1104 posts
Feb 28th '14

I think it's pretty normal to go through phases of not being excited. Not only is there a lot going on with your hormones right now, there's so many new feelings and unknowns the first time around. Also pregnancy is looong. At first there's a lot of exciting things going on, then it kinda just levels out (almost boring) until you get closer to the end. Unless you are dealing with actual depression, I think this is all normal and you'll be fine. Just hang in there.

4feet12paws Due August 11; 2 kids; Mayer, AZ, United States 157 posts
Feb 28th '14

I felt similar with my first. I actually was angry and sad about being pregnant. I didn't want to be a mother. I fell into Post Postpartum Depression bad. I loved my baby once he was born, but I was never excited. The depression finally went away after awhile. I think it is normal on a point. I am not really all that excited about my second nor do I pretend to be. We were trying for this one, but I am not nearly as excited as everyone else. Probably just stress and tired of feeling icky. If it doesn't seem to get any better talk to your doctor. I refused to confront the truth with my son and I wish I had sought help a lot sooner. PPD is actually very common and can happen well before the baby is actually born.
Good luck momma. I am sure you will be fine

Branda-Lynn Due June 27 (boy); 3 kids; United States 85 posts
Feb 28th '14

Ugh! This is my fourth and I HATE when people come up to me and go "oh my gosh you're getting so big, aren't you excited?!" NO! And stop reminding me that I look like a whale! 

I love my babies and I love being a mom but I HATE being prego! I feel fat, stressed out, uncomfortable and cranky! 

You're totally normal. Don't freak out. :-)

{Shelly} 3 kids; 1 angel baby; London, United Kingdom 7123 posts
Feb 28th '14

I'd says it's pretty normal to feel that way. I weren't really excited about it with my first, just - like you said I pretended to be for everyone else. I think it was because I had no symptoms and never actually felt different - I never felt big (even though I got pretty huge) and I never actually FELT pregnant, so none of it seemed real. Even when in labour I never got that feeling of "OMG I'M GOING TO BE MUM!".
When he got here is when I got excited Super Happy

TaeganElise35wks1day Due September 25 (girl); 1 child; 2 angel babies; Atlanta, Georgia 1864 posts
Feb 28th '14

I was never not excited about my first; like most have said for me it was feeling big and tired and just bored with being pregnant like those last 10weeks is what got me. I very early on so the excitement is fresh, because I still have anatomy scan and those first moments of buy this and that fever, but then after that it may slowly trickle down to being boring again!

AshleyC Due October 16; 1 child; Baytown, Tx, United States 1270 posts
Feb 28th '14

I guess I'm the opposite of every one, because I am REALLY excited about my Maybe it's because I waited so long in life to have my first (I'm 26) and the experience is going to be completely new for me and my SO, considering it's his first too.
What I'm not liking is my clothes getting too small, and my tailbone hurting a lot.