Gestational diabetes issue destineydanille Due April 14; 1 child; Saskatchewan, SK, Canada 144 posts
Feb 24th '14

I was diagnosed on Valentines that I have GD and I am exactly 30 weeks today! So I am quite new to everything, and I only saw a dietician on the 21st. All she said was count carbs, and she gave me a device to prick my finger. I test before breakfast, after breakfast, lunch and dinner. It seems like everything I've been eating brings my sugar level up, instead of down. Before I tested this morning it was 7.0. I had an egg, a piece of cheese on a whole wheat English muffin, which is in my carb limit (30) and I tested an hour after that, which was 12.3!!!!! :(. Also yesterday after dinner mine was 13.4 and I had baked chicken, and a 1/2 of a medium potato. Two hours before that, my reading was 5.5. I'm so disappointed!!  For lunch I am having a turkey sandwich, with mayo, mustard, lettuce and tomato on two whole wheat pieces of bread, a small apple and a celery stick. Thats in my carb count which is 45! I don't want to take any meds, or insulin and want to stick with a low carb diet to regulate it but it seems so hard :( anyone have any tips? 

Good Queen Bess Due December 27; 2 kids; Ontario 49564 posts
Feb 24th '14

What are you drinking?

Just the Sea's mom 1 child; Keokuk, IA, United States 3286 posts
Feb 24th '14

When are you testing? You should test an hour or two after eating, no sooner than that
(unless you were otherwise told?)

Watching your carbs also means the portions of high carb foods. One thing that may help is getting a booklet with information on portion/serving size of foods that is made for diabetics.

What is the number range that you are supposed to stay within?

destineydanille Due April 14 (boy); 1 child; Saskatchewan, SK, Canada 144 posts
Feb 24th '14

All I drink is water, sometimes I add a lemon but that's rare. I have a Gd book with the portion sizes and everything. She didn't tell me what levels I have to be in so I'm aiming what the book and my chart says. Before breakfast its supposed to be 5.4,  after breakfast its supposed to be 7.8 , after lunch, and dinner its supposed to be 7.8 and two hours after every meal its supposed to be 6.7. I test an hour after because she told me to test 4 times a day.

Rose Caron Due May 13 (girl); United States 8 posts
Mar 1st '14

How are you testing ? I don't understand your numbers.  I have a slight case where the only sugar that is high is the fasting. I told my dr I refuse to inject myself so he better think of something different to do. So I said I was willing to a pill and see if that works. I take a half a pill right before bed.  He wants my numbers for fasting to be below 95&no less than 75 & 2hrs after a meal no higher than 120. Since I have been taking the pill & checking my sugar I have felt much better. I will have to say after taking first pill I would shake like crazy like my sugar was high but it was my body adjusting I am fine now. I have a hard time finding things I can eat because I am allergic to a lot of food & can't stand taste of meat which sucks because know I am dealing with being anemic. & also dr is having a hissy because I am over weight and didn't want me to gain weight which tech. If u look at the pounds I lost in beginning 25lbs  I have only gained 8 back so for me its great because for my 1st I gained 90 & sec I gained 40. But I recommended eating high protein but small snacks in between your meals and eating smaller meals that's what my dr recommended & has worked for me. & if u r like me not getting enough carbs a day can make sugar spike as well dr recommended I have between 300-350 carbs a day which is so hard for me. Good luck. 

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Mar 1st '14

i didnt realise that carbs played a part in it i thought everything was just low sugar im on insulin and metformin. but my sugar levels still hit off the high mark its so annoying feeling dizzy all the time they are either to high or to low everytime i see my ob he just bumps up the insulin. my baby is measuring a bit small and i have put on 30 pounds. i so hope it goes when baby is born i have had enough of gd.

Randi-sue Crawford Due July 12; 1 child; Pennsylvania 47 posts
Mar 1st '14

I have gd I was diagnosed at 7 weeks I'm 21 weeks now 123 is fine you just don't want your glucose levels going above 135 it may take you a while to adjust to the diet  and figure out what will make it high word of advice try 1 piece of hw toast with breakfast if you need any more help pm me I've been doing this for a while I haven't gained any weight this pregnancy I lost 18 lbs from this diet