nesting Tonya3 3 kids; Ticonderoga, NY, United States 197 posts
Feb 22nd '14

For the last four nights I have been getting contractions at night.  Roughly ten minutes apart.  During the day, nothing.  Yesterday I was exhausted and literally slept all day.  Today I have so much energy that I have cleaned both my kitchen and living room.  Including the wood stove.  (Which was gross).  Anyone else experience this?

Forest Sarah ♥ Due June 17; 2 kids; Gainesville, Florida 2839 posts
Feb 22nd '14

the day before my water broke with DS1 i washed all of his baby clothes, organized his whole nursery, insisted on buying and assembling the car seat and stroller, as well as buying my hospital bag supplies. i was only 34w4d so i wasn't expecting to go into labor yet and didn't even really think about it, i was just thankful for the random energy to get things done lol.