12 1/2 weeks belly shrunk??? help! khurn Due August 26 (boy); 1 angel baby; United States 724 posts
Feb 14th '14

In the past few days my low belly pooch I had, has left! Now its like i have a smaller baby bump but ite all spread out now and higher - is this normal? I nevrr made it this far with my last baby that I miscarried so please dont say rude or hurtful things. Before pregnancy I had a very flat stomach so its easy for me to notice all the changes!

sgold 1 child; 1 angel baby; Madison Heights, Michigan 955 posts
Feb 14th '14

its probably because ur uterus is expanding. I wouldn't worry about it. lol everything I am sure its just spreading out now.

Alex Vause 3 kids; ........., BC, Canada 3870 posts
Feb 14th '14

Your bloat is probably gone now 

Asherz13 Due September 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; USA 9 posts
Feb 14th '14

Either the bloat is down or the baby changed positions :) also you are due on my bday! How cool! 

Karajoyce Due July 22; United States 62 posts
Feb 16th '14

I had that issue and thought something was wrong... but its normal.. your uterus is expanding.. and the baby is making its position comfy.. is how I was explained toward it.. -- now my baby is in the middle of my stomach