How far along were you before getting a positive home pregna mommyto4+ttc1 4 kids; 624 posts
Feb 10th '14

How far along were you before it showed up a positive bfp thanks ladies 

user banned 7 angel babies; not saying, wi, United States 7152 posts
Feb 10th '14

First not until 3 months along
second 6 days before my missed period third a day before missed period this one 
3 days before missed period!

Shaeleeesunshine 1 child; Durhum, nc, United States 9 posts
Feb 10th '14

like 5 or 6 weeks according to my first ultrasound

Party of 6 4 kids; Nevada 7871 posts
Feb 10th '14

3 wks 2 days with my second. With my first I didn't test until I was a week late. Then with these babies I didn't test until the day I was adopted to start my 

Sthrnprincess 5 kids; Upstate, SC, United States 9319 posts
Feb 10th '14

First I was 8 weeks but she was a BC baby
Second was the day my period was due
Third I was 17 days late but I ovulated really late that cycle
Fourth I got my positive at 11dpo

squishy & squirt's mum 2 kids; Hobart, Australia 16328 posts
Feb 10th '14

Quoting mommyto4+ttc1:
How far along were you before it showed up a positive bfp thanks ladies 

I took a test when I was 4 weeks exactly & got a bfp :)

Super Mommy! 4 kids; ☺, CA, United States 16069 posts
Feb 10th '14

10dpo (4 days before my period) with DD. Dollar tree test.
I didn't even know I Was pregnant with DS1, until I was already 5w lol, I was only 3 months PP.
7dpo (7days before my period) with DS2.. FRER test.
and with DD2, like with DS1, I had no idea, until I was already 7w. 

Squid Kid Unavailable, NA, United States 32450 posts
Feb 11th '14

16dpo with DD (0-2 days after my missed period)
16 dpo with one of my losses
8Dpo with one of my losses
(I don't remember with the other losses)
10dpo (4 days before my missed period) with this baby

lovingthemommylife Due January 15; 3 kids; Georgia 174 posts
Feb 11th '14

This pregnancy I thought I had a bfn at 9 dpo and then a bfp at 10 dpo but later I looked back at my 9 dpo test and saw a very faint line. My other pregnancy's I never tested till the day before af was due. Good luck!

mommakatof4 Due September 15; 4 kids; 2 angel babies; DeRidder, Louisiana 495 posts
Feb 11th '14

This one was 3 weeks 4 days with first response clear blue and cheap ones was negative at that time!

Double Jeopardy 1 child; 1 angel baby; Seattle, WA, United States 19381 posts
Feb 11th '14

First time at 7 weeks because I didn't realize I had missed my period. Second time I never took a HPT.

Flowerchica Due September 1; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Cape Town, South Africa 344 posts
Feb 11th '14

8 weeks ..... but I now realized that when I tested the month before - it was probably a day or two after I conceived.....

Sergie & Gabriel's Mom+1 Due October 17 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New Jersey 10227 posts
Feb 11th '14

3 days before my missed period with #2 & #3 ....with number 1 i didnt even test until around 7 weeks prego -____- lol

RosieRose Due August 30; 1 child; Michigan 1381 posts
Feb 11th '14

I was about 16 DPO and got a nice strong positive.

Foxface Due June 5 (boy); Salisbury, MA, United States 3 posts
Feb 11th '14

I was almost 8 weeks when I got my BFP. Didn't even know I was pregnant, only symptom I had was a missed period. (Which I thought was normal for me since I was on the pill at the time and I was often irregular) I had a doctors appointment to figure what the cause was, but took about 3 tests before then and all were positive.