Abit worried.. Advice or reassurance would help?! Jessiewilliamsxx Due March 14 (girl); United Kingdom 170 posts
Feb 10th '14

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I've been getting these horrible sharp twinges in my lower stomach and down my groin, along with dull cramps and across my belly button is very painful to touch or when I move. My bump is very painful and when I stand it gets worse, like it's too heavy to stand up straight. I also keep getting these very painful twinges(feels like when someone pokes your belly button as weird as that sounds) in my lower stomach to the point where I can't stand up properly and I'm getting a pain in the top of my bum. I feel abit unwell today aswell. Does anyone know what this is? They aren't contractions I don't think as they don't have a pattern to them and sometimes can be continuous for an hour or so. 

J ♥ Due February 23 (girl); 1 child; Oakdale, California 338 posts
Feb 10th '14

I was getting similar pains and my dr adviced me a source of support like a guarder. I usually get in a warm bath with salts, pop a couple Tylenols and lay down with a heating pad. Helps a lot. Hope you feel better! 

Klaus 2 kids; Mississippi 27174 posts
Feb 10th '14

Sounds like maybe your belly has dropped and you're having a few practice contractions, which sometimes feel crampy. 

*J_B* TTC since Aug 2013; 2 kids; 6 angel babies; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2738 posts
Feb 10th '14

It could be your round ligaments protesting the added weight of you dropping.  That's what it sounds like to me.

Things that helped me during the last pregnancy with this: hot bath and rest, being very careful to stand up and move slowly.  No sudden movements.  A belly support belt will help too.