Is this normal?.. Jessiewilliamsxx Due March 14 (girl); United Kingdom 170 posts
Feb 9th '14

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and the past two days I've been getting these painful twinges in the bottom left of my back and my stomach and nothing I do will shift them, I also keep getting cramps. I keep feeling like I need a poo yet when I go there is nothing, I'm not constipated I don't think as I had diarrhea on Thursday. I've got like a constant stomach ache and my bump hurts to touch. Above my belly button feels a little numb too. I've had no bleeding or anything and the baby has been moving, so what could it be? 

mama to 2 pumpkins TTC since Oct 2014; 2 kids; 5 angel babies; San Francisco, California 10792 posts
Feb 9th '14

Maybe early labor.

Amanda + 1.5 3/5/16 Due March 4 (boy); 1 child; Jacksonville, North Carolina 2119 posts
Feb 9th '14

early labor that is how mine started is it timable