Dehydrated! Holly Giddings Due May 14; 1 child; Geneva, OH, United States 69 posts
Jan 23rd '14

The other day I was getting hot flashes and feeling light headed and dizzy all day. Anytime I try to eat or drink anything I would feel worse then throw it all back up and more!! i started to only drink water, little sips, that came back up, as well as green-yollowish bile (EW!) I decided then I had to call my OB, this scared me. I ended up going into L&D, where I found out I was dehydrated, and bad. I had to stay there over night and get pumped with fluids. When I left I was still a bit dehydrated, I was told to keep a slow advance on my diet, but still get in as much water as I could. Anytime  I put anything in my stomach I start cramping and it worries me. At least I'm not throwing up anymore. Has any of you ladies, gone through this?

Ashley_S Due September 8 (girl); 1 child; Randleman, NC, United States 656 posts
Jan 23rd '14

I went through this same thing but at 7weeks through 16weeks pregnant
I was in the hospital twice and had get fluids.  Trying adding some fresh lemon juice to your water it helped me and many other woman. And just sip it all day. If you think you are dehydrated again called ypur ob.

Dallas Kalnbach United States 1 posts
Jan 26th '14

I am going thru that same thing right now and I'm 23 weeks.  Its not fun. I'm worried about the baby not getting enough fluids