Embarassing Pregnancy Story 4feet12paws Due August 11; 2 kids; Mayer, AZ, United States 157 posts
Jan 21st '14

I have had a very rough week and an extremely embarrassing moment. I was just curious on if any other mommas would be willing to share their embarrassing moments. If not, then hopefully at least my story can give some other mommas a good laugh and maybe even make them feel a little better about their situation.

So I have had the worst Morning Sickness imaginable. I can't hold anything down and just the other day I was preying to the porcelain goddess so hard that I had nothing left to sacrifice. When my BD came in to find out what all the noise was about I let out a huge dry heave that lifted my entire body off the ground, and apparently squeezed every muscle in my body because right then when he bent over to hold my hair I peed all over myself! Between heaves and with tears I asked him to go grab me a new pair of underwear and pants and he started laughing so hard that he literally lost balance and fell. To his defense though he did help me and for the rest of the night babied me and got me anything I asked for.

dmartinez 2 kids; Aurora, Colorado 448 posts
Jan 21st '14

Don't feel bad. When I was first pregnant with my daughter I peed myself a few times like that. So far I haven't with this one so that's good!

Oh Why Not 2 kids; Hallandale beach, Fl, United States 8672 posts
Jan 21st '14

lol thats happened to me, i still pee a little when i sneeze or caugh :/

4feet12paws Due August 11; 2 kids; Mayer, AZ, United States 157 posts
Jan 21st '14

Im sorry to both of you, but I do feel better that I am not alone. I am just glad I didn't do it at work!

Chelsey Frederick Due May 22 (girl); Coushatta, LA, United States 147 posts
Jan 22nd '14

Your morning sickness sounds a lot like mine, I still throw up just about everyday. Each time I cough, laugh, or puke. Yes! I pee on myself every time! You are most definitely not alone. My little girl stays so low on my bladder that I have had to stop mid intimate time to rush to the bathroom to go pee! talk about mood killer! lol.

Emily Campos 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Thetford, United Kingdom 124 posts
Jan 22nd '14

I did it too.. Thankfully my SO wasn't in there hahaha. 

MrsDillin+1 & 1/2 2 kids; QC, IL, United States 658 posts
Jan 22nd '14

I was squatting and sneezed a few weeks ago. I only peed a myself a little, but it was enough for me to change 2 year old told me, "Mommy not suppose to pee in panties! Pee on potty only, k mom?!" She's a potty nazi lol 

Karmagrl Due July 21; █ ♥ █, O., Canada 1161 posts
Jan 22nd '14

If it makes you feel better a few times I have thrown up or had the dry heaves I pissed on myself LOL. I always make sure to pee before I throw up but that doesn't always help bahaha.

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Alexander'sMomma! Due April 10; TTC since Aug 2012; 1 child; Layton, UT, United States 2574 posts
Jan 22nd '14

I don't have morning sickness just yet i'm 6 weeks 6 days. Buttttt.. Earlier this week I have started gagging randomly. My husband and I were in public.. and I started gagging, and farted. My husband started laughing, while I wanted to cry.