Hair color. [Gryffinwhore♥] 3 kids; anywhere, bH, United States 37526 posts
Jan 19th '14

I recently colored my hair a reddish purple color. I used SPLAT hair color and it not only bleeds every time I shower, but it's faded a lot since I did it. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for different brands that won't fade as quickly? I'm looking for this type of color, if it makes a difference: 

Gah, so pretty!

Mooches 16 kids; Japan 2076 posts
Jan 19th '14

From what I have read, red colors are very hard to stay in your hair longer than 2-3 weeks unless professionally done. 

My sister dyes the under side of her hair red with kool-aid and it stays for months. I think the last time she did it was 9+ months ago and it still looks nice and red. 

Peachy{+3♥} 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Utah 3383 posts
Jan 19th '14

No suggestions.. but that color and those curls are gorgeous!!! 

bia. ., ., Portugal 102480 posts
Jan 19th '14

Oooooooooh I LOOOOVE that colour!

Lindsey.44 Japan 30 posts
Jan 19th '14

You won't get anything close to that color without seeing a professional. When you shower use cool water to wash your hair, no matter what the color is still going to rinse out and fade but cool water helps. Hot water just pulls it right out.

[Gryffinwhore♥] 3 kids; anywhere, bH, United States 37526 posts
Jan 19th '14

Quoting JΔ$ ♥:
That's a burgundy/violet color that looks like its been customized by a professional. You're not going to find that in a single color application. So...go see a professional and show them the photo. 

It wouldn't come out that bright anyway, I'm not planning on bleaching it. lol. Last time I bleached, my entire body broke out in hives. Unknown

¡VinHaute! Kansas City, MO, United States 47544 posts
Jan 19th '14

I haven't tried it but I've been meaning to - what about this Adore brand? It's semi-permanent though. But cheap.

αͷtͷmnαƪ Hogwarts, .., United Kingdom 77410 posts
Jan 20th '14

I love that color. I don't think I could pull it off and I know my husband wouldn't go for it.