Heartbeat Rachael bradford Due March 22; Japan 17 posts
Dec 28th '13

I'm 17 weeks with my first I'm always paranoid I've had 4 scans told havif a girl heard heartbeat and wondering if there's a Doppler on here as seen someone say there was if so could anyone help me as of where it is please? X

❤ Summer ❤ 1 child; Gordon, GA, United States 364 posts
Dec 28th '13

you can buy a doppler, i got an angelsounds one when i was 9 weeks, and still use it and now 23 weeks :) it gives so much peace of mind

Ellie Goulding 2 kids; London, --, United Kingdom 6218 posts
Dec 28th '13

I had this doppler, ordered from this website.{keyword}&gclid=CMD3ppKN07sCFQlgMgodNUQAew
Works well, fairly cheap, and definitely eases your mind.

natalie.nixon2 United Kingdom 1 posts
Dec 28th '13

I have just bought the iPhone app called Babyscope. At £2.49 it was a little tricky but at 19 weeks I could hear the heartbeat.

MissMommy1 Due August 22; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Brooklyn, New York 1319 posts
Dec 28th '13

I bought a Doppler with my son. It always gave me such reassurance especially when my son didn't move much that day.

Rachael bradford Due March 22; Japan 17 posts
Dec 30th '13

I'm a nervous wreck lol. Feels like spasms today n keep getting sharp weird pains in right side of my back bit sore. Is that normal?