33 weeks: pubic bone pressure and bump seems lower Madilynn's mommy Due February 5; 1 child; Missouri 18 posts
Dec 20th '13

This is my second pregnancy. My first child was a girl and now i get to have a boy. I'm going to try VBAC this time.So I really hope it works because i felt like i got cheated out of actually giving birth to my daughter. I never had labor with her or felt any contractions so i don't really know what any of that feels like since i had to have an emergency c-section with her. Here lately i have been so tired all the time, feeling like I'm going to pass out at work due to being anemic. I had to cut down on my hrs this past week because of getting overly exhausted. But since yesterday, my bump seems lower, like he's starting to drop. Yesterday i was having what felt like mild period cramps in my pelvis and now I seem to be having lots of pressure on my pubic bones. I'm wondering what this all means? I hope my body knows what to do this time and I actually go into labor when the time is right...