Moms of twins Mama Bee+3 Due May 28 (twins); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Fresno, California 1892 posts
Nov 15th '13

Just curious, when did you start to show with your twins.? Also when did you find out the genders.? TIA ladies

K*A*L mommy Due June 11 (twins); 1 child; East, TX, United States 311 posts
Nov 15th '13

Hi! Are you pregnant with twins? I was 10 weeks on the 13th and this is my second pregnancy...twins this time. My husband swears that he is starting to see a little belly but I'm not sure if that's just bloating or the babies. I am thinking that I will probably show a little earlier this time just because there is one more. With my daughter I didn't start showing until 16/18 weeks or so. As far as the gender thing...I'm think it's about the same. Around 20 weeks. Good luck to you!! :))

user banned Due June 3 (twins); ;, ;, United States 165 posts
Nov 15th '13

I started showing at 8 weeks... Super early and I have no idea lol because I haven't found out the gender of mine yet! (;

Party of 6 4 kids; Nevada 7871 posts
Nov 16th '13

I'm almost 15 wks and started showing a week or 2 ago. To mostit may just look like a gut but I know what it is :) this is preg 3.
as for genders, my peri have a guess of 2 boys at 11 1/2 weeks but to me baby a looked like a girl. 3 very swollen lines. At 13 1/2 weeks at an early gender ultrasound, they were confirmed boy girl twins.