baby born not breathing. long term effects? kae72 1 child; Arkansas 59 posts
Jun 24th '08

i pushed for 2 hours before they decided to give me a c-section. when my baby boy was delivered he wasnt breathing for at least 3 to 4 minute. they rushed him to another room and brought him to see me later that night. he was 41 weeks. 8 pounds 21 inches so he seemed healthy.they also kept him in the NICU for 6 days.just cant figure out why he wasnt breathing. i was wondering if anyone else experienced this? does your child have any learning/health problems?

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Jun 24th '08
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-Kristine- 1 child; Crossville, Tennessee 2489 posts
Jun 24th '08

My friend was born late also, wasn't breathing and her whole body was blue. If she was left in her mother for another day she would have died.

She has no long term effects.