Mild cramping signs of pregnancy ? SensitiveSoul 1 child; 25 posts
Sep 26th '13

Okay this is going to sound very dumb, and i should already know the answer but i'll ask anyway just to ease my SO's mind.....

My last period was on the 10th of this month, my period is pretty normal, going by a either 28 or 29 day cycle, a friend of mine had calculated it for me and said i should be fertile most during the 21st till about the 25th.

Well this past monday, my SO n i had unprotected sex, and he was still in me for maybe 5-10 mins after ejaculating. That was the first and only time him and i had sex this week.

Fast forward to today, almost all evening i have been having mild cramps almost akin to menstrual cramps, but not as painful. My SO is afraid that COULD mean its a sign that one of his lil swimmers hit its mark (his words not mine lol), and he thinks I could be pregant.

Im trying (to no avail) to tell him 3 days post sex is NOT anywhere near enough time to know anything and that its not likely that an egg has even implanted itself, not this soon. He says its just a gut feeling and hes almost never wrong.

I have a child already, and i cant for the life of me remember if i felt this when i concieved the first time. I been looking online (i know, bad idea lol) and not finding any reliable answers, and i refuse to go his early to a clinic, ill just look like a fool lol.

So who's right..... Is he right that it COULD be a sign, or is he just panicing for nothing ?

ShanShan07 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Tillamook, Oregon 608 posts
Sep 26th '13

I had cramps 4 dpo. I was told it was to soon to implant or get signs...i got my bfp last week.

SensitiveSoul 1 child; 25 posts
Sep 26th '13

That's what I thought Shan, but he's adamant that its a sign. Lol, men I swear.

.Sweet Dee. 1 child; New York City, NY, Hong Kong 4492 posts
Sep 26th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting SensitiveSoul:</b>" That's what I thought Shan, but he's adamant that its a sign. Lol, men I swear."</blockquote>

She saying she had cramps when you are If you are pregnant. I think. Anyway I have always had cramping extremely early in pregnancy but not 3 days after was always after a BFP. Anyway I seems like you had unprotected sex on a pretty likely fertile day so you could be pregnant. Take a get in 2 weeks!